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Bitcoin discussion

bitcoin discussion

He also ironically claims that some peoples reasoning skills are simply not on par. This sort of casual dismissal still serves the interests of those doing the censoring : To Herman and Chomsky, this is a red herring, and they conversely see such small news outlets as perfect additions to the systems to relieve. In four days, /u/btcTwo has made twenty-one comments across both /r/Bitcoin and /r/btc, every single one of which is pushing a certain agenda or refers to /r/btc posters as dumb fucks and monkeys. I am mentioning these individuals by name with the hope that some of them will finally be forex metrics and chart week 35 2017 able to bring themselves to do what is right and use their positions of responsibility as Bitcoin thought leaders to speak out against such blatant injustice. Re: Bitcoin Price Predictions 2019 #5 by, linkkoin, considering the past behaviour of Bitcoin during the bear markets, few things must be noted: 1) If it is going to end in 2019 (unless something unexpected will happen. Rather than silencing all dissent, which creates the opportunity for an external pressure valve to appear, it is better that the authorities themselves manufacture such a means of release so as to be able to control and monitor this dissent. (Quite brilliant, BUT, its only as real as we choose to make it, we invented it, we can end. All in all, the event signified the fact that bitcoin is growing and that LA area technology enthusiasts are ready to do business with BTC. /u/viabtc go fuck yourself -/u/YRuafraid User /u/hitchslappy, responding to a claim that /r/Bitcoin maintains a word filter with forbidden words, asks for proof and a list of those words.

Bitcoin, forum - Index

Fraud: a major payment issue, tony Gallippi, CEO. Ignoring the damage being done by the censorship helps to perpetuate the deep rift that has torn the once-united Bitcoin community apart. iirc theres only 4 MM BTC wallets been used even after 10 years since its inception, BTC needs far wider adoption to become widely used in society in the future. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Interesting you mention.5k, I still see that as bitcoin discussion a possibility with a wick, particulary interested for intra day action to achieve it if we hang around the Weekly 200MA. I would also like to address this users other point that the purpose of the censorship is to spare the subreddit from a lot of stuff that would make it a less useful sub if we all had to wade through.

Gox and exchange companies such as, tradehill suspending operations because of possible regulatory roadblocks, there is an opening for motivated startups to build alternative exchanges. Gyft flew to this event to evangelize the bitcoin discussion benefits of digital currencies like bitcoin. Whether or not there is actual collusion between these organizations and Theymos, there is the strong appearance of such, which only makes the refusals to denounce the censorship even more questionable. Source: Los Angeles Bitcoin Meetup, the Bitcoin Meets Silicon Beach Q A session wasnt long enough for the panel members to answer all the questions the attendees had to ask. Held at the coworking space, coloft in Santa Monica, this event offered both new and experienced bitcoiners an opportunity to learn and network with fellow enthusiasts. If another coin comes along and looks better, bitcoins share of the aggregate coin S/F space gets worse. To address this users points: /r/Bitcoin is popular due to having the most obvious name for a Bitcoin subreddit and the fact that it predates /r/btc as a Bitcoin discussion forum by 6 years. Wrapping it all up, q A component of Bitcoin Meets Silicon Beach.

/u/zoopz viabtc are a joke and just like the rest of the BU shills they dont understand theres no real support outwith their echo chamber of fakeness. LAW As faith failed to control people, force was used to get people to comply. I do not want these people to make threads breaking the rules, demanding change, asking for upvotes, making personal attacks against moderators, etc. It is highly suspect that there is such a frequent trend of brand-new user accounts being used to post the same tired and debunked talking points to /r/Bitcoin, while simultaneously enjoying preferential treatment from the moderators there. Your digital gold is useless if you cannot transfer and/or prove ownership. Those less familiar with the issues at hand, or less capable of critical thought, see such a post and think that surely the message must be exaggerated: bitcoin discussion the message claims strict censorship on /r/Bitcoin, and yet here we are talking about /r/Bitcoin censorship in /r/Bitcoin! This is clearly a privacy-related issue not seen with decentralized digital currencies such as bitcoin. Better still we go down to under 3k either with a wick or grinded down by Wyckoff method. If scarcity were the only variable in bitcoins value calcuation, then it would probably make a rough amount of sense. . There is a 10 cover charge that includes food and drinks. As the other crypto currencies morph into Stable coins, Exchange offerings and the ICO phase declines from the hype of last year, Bitcoin just marches stuburnly on to become the peoples money. .

CoinReport Beck Hosts Panel, discussion

One user, frank01945, makes the absurd claim that what we would see without censorship is that the sub is spared a lot of stuff that would make it a less useful sub if we all had to wade through. Bitcoin stands at the apex of a large amount of complicated technology, which itself depends on everything continuing to work more or less exactly how it currently works. . No processing fees or chargebacks and Free conversion to dollars into your bank account next day! Yesterday, a thread discussing an anti-censorship message posted by bitcoin discussion ViaBTC was upvoted and somehow managed to remain the top post on /r/Bitcoin for the day without being deleted. Bitcoin and gift cards, the gift card industry is ripe for fraud. Los Angeles Bitcoin Meetup page if youre in the area to look out for additional upcoming events. You cant separate the answer from the moderation. People are waking up to the Myths! Two perfectly reasonable replies to his post were manually removed by the /r/Bitcoin moderators. Posts: 185 count placeholder definitely still interested in BTC, not sure how relevant your 2nd paragraph is, or what you were trying to say exactly.

bitcoin discussion Mining Pool Official, discussion, thread - The

Lets build it after SegWit. Over 12 million people per year are victims of identity theft, he told the audience. This does not seem like the behavior of a genuine user, but I will save my analysis of this trend for another article. Such shady crap is discouraged with extreme prejudice in all Open Source, not just cryptocurrency. CoWorkTampa is having a Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies panel discussion with a few members of our group. Neither of the posts contained trolling, insults, profanity or were off-topic. Most replies to this post were censored, naturally, while a reply claiming that bitcoin discussion anyone without malicious intent or dumb ignorance knows /r/btc and BU are an attack on Bitcoin was permitted to remain. Edmund Burke Ceterum censeo blocksize esse increscendum). Posts: 2219 count placeholder Someone is long davefairtex wrote: Im guessing hes long. .

/u/btsfav ViaBTC signals. For something that continually brings a large public relations black-eye to them, it is surprising that Bitcoin Core and Blockstream actively refuse to distance themselves from it and instead prefer to continue letting it work to their advantage. Failure to speak out against such damaging behavior should not be viewed as a neutral position: I assert that failure to speak out, now that the scope of it is widely known, is being actively complicit with the lies and censorship. Skweres told the audience that although. /u/klondike_barz did also say that what is happening is not pure censorship, but as this article should be making abundantly clear, what happens on /r/Bitcoin can be construed as nothing but pure censorship. Blockchain Panel discussion @ CoWork Tampa.

Discussion of, bitcoin -XT Banned from Bitcoin Subreddit

Lol talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. In fact, toleration of such dissent in limited quantities is a classic tool used by authoritarian regimes to lead the people to believe, falsely, that they are not so repressed as is claimed. This is the time to strike and make bitcoin discussion it a possible option to counter fiat. If I take something from you by force is it mine? Think about the fact that identity thieves thrive on the purchase of these cards in order to move money from stolen credit cards and use them in a less detectable way. To repeat the point I made at the beginning of the article: Anyone who denies that /r/Bitcoin is heavily censored is either lying to themselves, or lying to you.

Bitcoin is Different & Cartel Manipulation, discussion

Those thinking of Bitcoin as an investment (in fiat terms) clearly dont fully understand what unconfiscatable hard money means to the ordinary people who were at the bottom of the cultural pyramid. . Most of the comments are automatically removed through the strict filtering of certain words not permitted to be used on /r/Bitcoin. /u/3thR they can tell whatever. Another Orwellian example of the denial of objective reality being pushed by the /r/Bitcoin moderators is bitcoin discussion the following comment by /u/Miz4r in which he says that he sees no evidence that serious discussion is not permitted, that he is hearing. All the BU supporters would have to do to improve credibility is stop acting like angsty teenagers. All parties agree that we need bigger blogs. To benefit all users we need a sollution NOW. Especially striking is that members of the organizations the censorship policy is actively designed to benefit, namely Bitcoin Core and Blockstream, not only fail to speak out but actively refuse to speak out against. Gold has independence from the mechanism of creation, and also in the mechanism of validation. The temporary rules against blocksize and moderation discussion are in part designed to encourage people who should leave /r/Bitcoin to actually do so so that /r/Bitcoin can get back to the business of discussing Bitcoin news in peace. Elsewhere in the thread, /u/btcTwo, a four-day old account, wrote : Blockstream was founded by some of the most accomplished developers contributing to Bitcoins reference client. Bitpay offers this free service. Bitcoin Cores only official statement on the topic to date, available here, does not even mention the words censorship or /r/bitcoin and refers users to instead use the bitcoin-dev mailing list and Bitcoin Core slack channel, both of which also participate in censorship.

They have so few ways to attack Bitcoin, their latest tactic is to tell people to unsub from a reddit sub? Money for food and to pay those enforcing the law (false trust) and spreading religious nonsense. . Then youve come to the right place! Payment fraud is a problem that has been calculated to cost merchants and payment processors more than 100bn per year. And those assumptions are built into the S/F price calculation. Boo hoo unsubscribe from a subreddit we dont like. Naturally, most of the posts attempting to respond to this user were deleted by the strict word filtering on the subreddit. Most of the bitcoin economy chooses Core/SegWit. I must be uncharacteristically blunt here: Anyone who denies that /r/Bitcoin is heavily censored is either lying to themselves, or lying to you. This frequently repeated talking point bitcoin discussion attempts to conceal the real purpose of the censorship: to manipulate and steer discussion in a particular direction. If this is the level of censorship going on in a single thread posted to /r/Bitcoin, it is easy to extrapolate and understand the depth and the motives of the large scale policy of censorship that began on August 16th, 2015. Tue, Mar 26, :10am (Reply to #3) #5 finanindecia Status Member (Offline) Joined: Oct 22 2012 Posts: 14 count placeholder someone is long? An exchange for a basket of digital currencies.

It has a hidden dependency on an operational bitcoin network, which itself has a dependency on an operational, fully connected internet that is mostly free, along with a dependency on a reliable electrical grid. . BitPay, started the session talking about the antiquity of mainstream digital payment methods. Authoritarian regimes know that those under their control require some form of decompression, a way to blow-off steam. There are additional privacy issues with credit cards. If you have been involved since 2017 then maybe the 2018 bear market was just too much to stomache? A gold bar doesnt depend on a gold mine, or a jeweler to be valuable. . If bitcoin itself is superceded by another coin which has more functionality, then the limited amount of capital that wants to be in coins will flow away from bitcoin, regardless of bitcoins stock/flow sitution. If the manipulation continues and interest rekindles as previously then Im already watching the signs of accumulation and then rising Price Action months before the next halving approaches. Bitcoin 2019, so now that Bitcoin (Notice thaer is no plural as in the first post on the subject in 2018) has dropped in price to 3972 (US) and is on the brink of possibly going lower. Traders that are looking to move in and out of bitcoin, litecoin and namecoin, among others, are likely seeing the value of this exchange. They are clearly projecting.

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