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Its like a black hole attracting bad actors and dirty money from all around the world. This analysis reaffirmed claims by the cwic Cyber Warfare Research Center in South…

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Lulu forex pvt ltd cochin

Nature of Business, service Provider. Receive Verified supplier details, compare"tions and seal the deal. Everything you need to know about Lulu Mall is now at your fingertips store directory…

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Brokers, what is a Pip? A proper r/r and solid trading strategy is what makes you the casino and not the player. . Freshman Year: What is Forex? Price…

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Forex traders in nigeria nairaland

forex traders in nigeria nairaland

So you can imagine that an exam that has a failure rate of 95 is not for junior teams. Believe it or not, it takes months for a trader to become profitable but sadly, only a very few have what it takes to go through that phase of losses and frustration. Only then you succeed. From your first forexyard news platform posted ( forex platform your Equity showed that you're not doing well. I can hear you say so what the heck, he still made 2300 at the end of the day but have you asked your self what would have happened if he lost in the first two trades. By jahnnelly (m 3:52pm On May 29, 2010 do you notice the date the acc was opened? You wont be the only one setting up topics on the EA, like in the link below: m/forums/general- forex -discussions/11019-angel- forex ml Where is the website of the original owner(s)? Jul :04:03, jonathan Smith in, brokers, forex, CFD and binary options broker Grand Capital has opened a third office in South Africa in Johannesburg.

Forex nairaland 2019, is forex trading

Indisciplined trader Opens a live trading account with lets say 1000 and on a daily basis, he makes only 7 tradeS. Only 5 of traders are profitable. I felt really bad for a month but i later perfected my forex traders in nigeria nairaland own strategies. By Nobody: 1:11pm On May 15, 2010, Re: Is Forex Real? My name is Rapheal and I work for InstaForex Office. If you must know this same account has made more than this as at today being saturday 29th may.

Highly profitable forex system

Every biz in this world is fx, from stock, commodities,crude oil, shipping, computer village, alaba market, balogun market and anything u might think of are all some kind of fx simply because fx is trading of money same way every other things are. And it's clear to me that there are lots of misconception about the business. Note these points:. (2) (3) (4) (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10). I lost 3000 when i just started. Look for a specialized trader to teach you the Art of trading.

forex traders in nigeria nairaland

Strengthening the Value-Chain itself is the duty of the citizens not the government. To know the initial deposite used in opening an account click on the account history tab. If you attend a two-day seminar and expect to start making money in forex then, you'll surely lose. Drop your question while I answer for you. It is not jackpot so you must take it like a serious business. I have been trading for some time and i have come to see that there is no single forex trader who does not loose at one time or the other. Brother forex is real. I can continue to list many factors that affect forex trading business in, nigeria and the number factor is that many people trading forex in, nigeria are poor or jobless and this is not good for forex trading. Forex signal services you can use. You must be able to stay long enough to find out what works for you. It is a pity you lost just like that but the fact remains that you either did not have the right orientation, or you were not disciplined enough to follow the rules.

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If your trading experience is poor, you would easily lose your deposit. And for those who are really interested and are only hoping to get even a computer system, we are designing a program that will put you on your road to forex trading in a matter of months. Thanks cybertron technologies Re: Is Forex Real? Lets say he buys GBP/USD and he trades.1 lot, he stop his losses at 30pips(30) and he takes his profit at 80pips(80) and at the end of the day lets say he was able. Even mike adenuga trades forex.

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Follow these steps to get started. Well u should ask your self if its that profitable forex traders in nigeria nairaland everybody will be rich by s dont try it im saying dis to u as a e thing touched me and my mum mentally for like 6 ose. As simple as that Re: Is Forex Real? By jahnnelly (m 1:13am On May 30, 2010 This is the problem with Nigerians who think they know but they know practically nothing! By holahabib : 8:34am On May 28, 2010 If you claim to be a good FX trader or you're a novice, show your skills as a professional or earn with professionals. You can make or/and lose any amount of money. Forex trading is not easy; if it was, everybody would have become a millionaire. By Bigheart (m 11:22pm On May 27, 2010 That's too bad you lost, but it's part of the game.

So are you interested in Trading forex profitably? Let me give u a simple analogy. By tefund (m 5:02pm On May 31, 2010 Forex is real but it does not work for all Re: Is Forex Real? So familarise yourself with trading with platforms which is a practical approach rather than giving yourself headache raeding your life out. You see I've lost 4k loaned money to forex, it doesn't stop me from trading forex.

How Many Currency Pairs Should I Trade?

And read extensively about resistance and support level as well as trend lines as these areas are the focal points of making money in forex. Get a desktop or laptop computer with good speed and processor with internet connection. Look at this two traders, one is disciplined and the other is very greedy. Any nairalander who is inclined to this should just request for a meeting forex traders in nigeria nairaland with me and i can assure you that this is completely true as you would see the robot in action with your own eyes as many of my clients have. I think it would do you good if we met. 19th may 2011 Re: Is Forex Real? Check out my profile under the Performance table: fxwonda. On the average, he wins 4 trades and loses 3 on a daily basis. If you are making profit your Equity shows the addition on your balance. @Olajides, forex is very real. Now let me show you why many people lose money so swiftly in forex and they come out saying forex trading is a scam.

This you all green, NA WA oooo. Call me Re: Is Forex Real? By seunbanme : 6:01pm On May 16, 2010 I have been tradin forex for the past four(4)years now, i have the necessary experience and exposure. Even at that it had already made more than 1,000 in less than a week. ANY forex material WE have, WE would give YOU free OF charge. You need a proper training from a professional. Simply read the manual about the platform which you can get from the help section on the platform. (37) ( Reply ) ( Go Down ) Is Forex Real? Depending on your start up cap1tal and lot size you can make 100usd, 1000usd, 10000usd, 100000usd, 1000000usd or more in just one day and you can also lose same. Have discovered that most, traders know very little about, forex trading, and they see the forex market as their gateway to unlimited financial breakthrough. You will be busy making money. Date : Friday, t 11:09.

11 Best Work from Home Jobs for 2019 (High-Paying Online)

Forex online is a risk you can not see but forex on farm is a risk you can see, therefore we would like to use this opportunity to call on all Nigerian risk takers, forex traders to join forces together. Please join the Agribusiness Value Chain by calling, SMS, Whatsapp. Disciplined trader Opens a live trading account with lets say 1000 and on a daily basis, he makes only 7 trade. By seunbanme : 1:37am On May 17, 2010 olajides: @seunbanme, thank you for your response, you said banks also trade forex and that you trade as well and have gain a lot from it with your system? If you want a test of it, you can get. U could visit my blog to learn a few things, m With the right tools the sky becomes a starting point in forex Re: Is Forex Real? NB: The Company I work for pays me salary therefore, WE ARE NOT selling ANY forex robot OR indicator IN this thread. And that is not a means to siphon our money by Americans? They mostly trade as gamblers instead of investors. By Gabbyfx : 1:40pm On May 24, 2010 mehn forex is real ooo, i forex traders in nigeria nairaland knw of bankers who trade for banks and also themselves, so dont let anyone tell u it isnt, well the only thing is here. is, forex, trade Living Or Dead? Forex is the fastest way to make money, and if not properly handled the fastest way to lose money.

I hope there are professional forex traders on nairaland who understand all this i am saying. Rather I stood up dust myself lost off and move. Ie 10 days from the date of its opening. How can something that is 99 risk of losing your money good? In conclusion, the errors of government in advanced economies are the opportunities of the business class, hence the call to all Nigerians to refocus on inventing the enabling environment deprived us by government. By Kashif (m 3:06pm On May 17, 2010 uihebom: my brother i lost 2000 just like s the best way to throw away ey will forex traders in nigeria nairaland tell u on radio that it is profitable. I have been trading this market for like5years now. By beejaay : 8:04am On May 18, 2010 @kashif dont mind ppl that want 2bcome milllionaire over nyt trading.

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Go to google and write the phrase (Downloading interbank platform for forex demo trading) Note that you can use any platform later when ready for real trading and you can continue with interbank. Anyway, it is ignorance that make people ask these sorts of question. So my brother that wants to know whether fx is real or not. I forex traders in nigeria nairaland even wantd to attach my fx accout statement You are even my name sake! By 360fxdaddy (m 8:13pm On May 30, 2010 i talk less, Brother If you want to learn or from this business, just go ahead and learn from the best you know, but if you do not.

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